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 City Information

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PostSubject: City Information   City Information EmptyMon Aug 26, 2013 8:40 pm

City Information 1900px-Los_angeles_mountains_to_ocean_pano_zps874bd9a0
Los Angles-(greater Area)
Kine Population-over 15 million
Kindred Population- 350-500 at any given time
Uratha Population- Few, though the number is increasing very fast, experts and scholars are wondering if the legend of the "cursed bite" might be true
Mages- The Adamantite Arrow has a few cabals here, as well as the Guardians and Ladder,  but the real power is The Atlantean Mysterium
other supernaturals- there is a quite influential religous krewe of Sin Eaters in the city, that remain on friendly terms with the Prince
Hunter Population- The city of angels draws hunters from all walks to the area

L.A. Information-

Map of L.A.-

Local Legends-
Satanic Worshiping Kindred are mass embraceing

LA in the World of Darkness-

Jesus Alejandro De La Cruz ( King of the Spear)
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City Information
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