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 Evening things out

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PostSubject: Evening things out   Evening things out EmptySat Sep 21, 2013 7:49 pm

Im gonna propose some hacks from armory reloaded to mages and werewolves ( mainly werewolves) to increase their power in lieu of the vampire buff

I believe when the new core for werewolf comes out these bad boys are gonna be holy fucking terrors

so i wanna increase defense a bit and their damage and regen while shapechanged

First Hack -
Quick Regeneration-
werewolves regenerate bashing = to half their primal urge+1, they heal Lethal at the rate of 1 every other turn,they can also spend essense to regenerate 2 lethal instead of 1
Rationale- werewolves are suppose to be unstoppable to all but silver weapons, shrugging off everything, and quickly healing before your eyes( NWOD rules for werewolf healing is simply laughable)

Werewolves are nearly beast, there for in all but human form, they take the higher of wits and defense to calculate defense

War Form Gamble:
As stated in Werewolf: The
Forsaken,werewolves can only maintain their fearsome
half-man, half-wolf war form for a number of turns equal
to their Stamina + Primal Urge (+ their auspice’s favored
Renown during their auspice moon phase). Under this
system, that value is the base time a werewolf can remain in
the war form reasonably safely. After that time has expired,
the werewolf begins to risk Death Rage. Every turn past
the time limit, roll the werewolf’s Resolve + Composure
as a reflexive action. During the werewolf’s auspice moon
phase, add his auspice’s primary Renown to this roll. Every
turn, this roll suffers a cumulative –1 penalty. When the
roll fails, the werewolf immediately enters Death Rage.
Rationale:This rule allows werewolves to squeeze more
combat use out of their war forms, but presents them with
a terrible gamble the longer they do so

Savage Might:When in the near man or near
wolf forms, the werewolf gains the 9-again rule on all
Strength-based dice pools except attack rolls. In the war
form, they gain the 8-again rule on Strength-based dice
pools. (If you want to make werewolves truly monstrous
in battle, give these benefits to Brawl attacks as well).
Rationale:Werewolves are usually depicted as obscenely
powerful brutes, capable of smashing down any obstacle
with ease.

( im leaning towards letting them have 8a in war form and 9a in near forms, at minimum ill give warform 9a)

Mindless Rage: When a werewolf enters Death
Rage, it alwaysmakes all-out attacks (p. 157 of the World
of Darkness Rulebook). This means the player receives a
+2 to all attacks, but the werewolf also can’t benefit from
Defense while in Death Rage. Rationale: Death Rage does
not allow for caution. A lycanthrope in the grip of this
mad fury can only kill.

Discuss these, bring them up to me in email or chat if you have questions or concerns, werewolves are coinsidered weaker than other splats, only vampires were considered close, now vampire have blown the roof out of that comparrison, these should help close the gap

theres other hacks for other splats and some general ones i might look to apply to werewolves or all splats
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Posts : 468
Join date : 2011-08-11
Age : 38
Location : NW, IN

Evening things out Empty
PostSubject: Re: Evening things out   Evening things out EmptyTue Sep 24, 2013 12:14 am

all forms
Essense can be spent 1/1 increase to strength or stamina for an action

Werewolf war form
claw damage +2 Bite is +3
armor is 2/3
all str based rolls gain 8a

direwolf form bite +3
armor 1/1
all str based rolls gain 9a

near man form
all str based rolls gain 9a
armor 1/1 + worn armor
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Evening things out
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