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 a note on the door of the compund

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a note on the door of the compund Empty
PostSubject: a note on the door of the compund   a note on the door of the compund EmptySun Sep 29, 2013 1:40 am

WElcoem to Los Angeles,

you have 72 hours to Visit the Cathedral of our LAdy of the Angels and Introduce yourself to Jesus Alejandro De La Cruz, you will show proper respect and partake and the Welcomign Ritual, you will quickly and polietly explain how long you intend to be in the Princes Domain, if you intend to stay, you will offer your services to The Prince, or join a covenant....failure to do comply with this letter will result in the proper measures to ensure the safety of kindred of LA

Also beware of the Anarch Coetire, and the unbound, they are not to be trusted

NOTE: creating progeny is illegal without the princes blessing,  children and clergy men are forbidden, break any of these rules will result in your final death, also poaching is punishable by stage 2 viniclum to the domains reagent

As of this message, your power building stops, no more buisnesses, no more plays, no more ghouls, thralls, servants, trafficing...it all stops untill you recieve blessing to do so

Delivered by  Horatio Varez,Herald to Jesus alejandro De La Cruz, archbishop of the Sanctum, and Prince of Greater LA

From the Desk of,
Sensechal Xavier Becket
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a note on the door of the compund
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